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Be Inspired


The fusion of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences makes the College of Arts and Sciences a haven for free-thinkers and world-changers.

Whether you want to study Shakespeare and Homer or Tesla and Galileo, the College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of academic programs to suit any passion and any skillset. We are home to writers, scientists, historians, philosophers, doctors, psychologists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians, physicists, crime-fighters, and social justice seekers. Whichever craft you choose, you won’t study it in isolation – your neighbors will inform your worldview and give you the tools you need to make your mark on a constantly changing world.

Bring your drive and your dream, and the College of Arts and Sciences will support you in turning that dream into reality.

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A look at your program.

Learn more about the areas of study we offer, and find the department that's right for you.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Online Programs

Natural Sciences

Emerge as an innovative researcher, leader and scientist


Critically perceive the human experience

Social Sciences

Learn scientific methods to study patterns of human behavior


Check out some of the groundbreaking research done by our faculty -- and students.

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Teacher Education

Loyola’s sequence in secondary education, integrated with the student’s major, allows students to apply for teacher certification in grades 6-12 upon graduation.


Graduate and Online Degree Programs

Pursue your passion further