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All new and returning students need to fill out the FAFSA to ensure proper distribution of your financial aid.

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Paperless Billing (e-Bills)

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Student billing statements are only issued as e-bills (electronic billing statements). Students and authorized users are sent an email notification whenever a new billing statement has been generated. Viewing and printing of the billing statement can be done from personal computers.

  Target Billing Dates: Due Dates:
Fall Semester July 1 August 1
Spring Semester November 10 December 10
Summer Sessions April 10 May 10


Student tuition, fees, and related charges are due before classes start each semester (see dates listed above). It is the responsibility of the student to review the account summary in LORA Self-Service and the billing statement through our e-commerce system, and insure that, by the due date, all charges on the student account are covered by any one or a combination of: personal payment; anticipated financial aid credits; enrollment in one of the approved monthly budget plans; full sponsorship by a university approved third party payer; or another arrangement accepted by the university.

Late Fees: Failure to make payment by the due date will place the account in a past due status. Accounts in past due status are subject to the assessment of the late payment penalty of $250.

Authorized Users: Students who wish to grant parents and other persons access to view and/or pay their Loyola bill should add those individuals as authorized users into our e-commerce system