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Welcome to the Alumni Association!

All Loyola graduates are automatically enrolled in the Alumni Association. No dues or registration are required. So, welcome!

Alumni Association

Guided by the Jesuit principles of men and women with and for others, the Loyola University New Orleans Alumni Association is organized to serve alumni, promote a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among alumni, encourage the development of lifelong relationships between alumni and the University, and foster philanthropic loyalty and support for the University.



Young Alumni Pack

Alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years are invited to join the Young Alumni Pack (YAP). The purpose of the Young Alumni Pack is to strengthen ties among recent Loyola graduates and encourage their continued involvement with the university. Young alumni are invited to share in all events and benefits of the wider alumni population, but in addition, they are also offered programs designed exclusively for them. These events focus on career development, community service, and social connection to further enhance the relationship between young alumni and the university.



Alumni Association Boards and Committees

The Loyola Alumni Association is governed by the Alumni Association Board, the Young Alumni Board, and the Law Alumni Board. Learn more about their roles and involvement below.